S03E38 – A to B

Good morning 👋

I’m aiming to create tactile experiences with the next generation of Third Culture Apps. To achieve this goal, the apps need to animate naturally at any interaction point. This week’s R&D was spent on whether I can get a card to expand to fullscreen. I had actually already achieved the intended effect several months ago, but with work progressing, it became apparent that it was more of a hack with undesired side-effects. I have two options at this point: either keep trying to figure a way – it’s surprisingly not a popular request and may actually not be possible due to the UI framework’s relative immaturity – or give up and just navigate to a second screen, i.e. the experience becomes less fluid and technically disconnected. As always, my requirements are quite specific which make Googling a solution a challenge (ones I’ve found require the card in its collapsed state to be of a fixed height, whereas I need their height to be variable). I’ve found in these circumstances I’m more productive when I’m actually not behind the keyboard trying to force an outcome. I’ve belatedly realised – and come to appreciate – that coding actually benefits greatly from creativity. Any problem does.

Have a great Sunday!


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