S03E25 – localhost

Good morning 👋

I worked locally out of a coffee shop this week. Although the environment wasn’t as comfortable/motivating to work from as WeWork last week, I still managed to stay productive. Although it was only a hundred metres from home, that was actually enough to partition work from life when I got back after a minute’s walk. So yeah, you don’t need a reasonable commute to separate the two. Just a different space. Best of all, I could continue with school pick up/drop-off duties without it impacting too much on my core hours (9:10 – 2:45). The one task remaining is to set up an evening routine to compliment the daytime shift. I don’t expect to do deep work during this time, nor need it to be longer than 1-2 hours. But, it would be useful to have dedicated time to tie up any loose ends from earlier, admin (email!), learning etc.

These last two weeks were spent exclusively on the unannounced “side” project. This was another intentional change. Instead of dividing the week between different projects, I decided to focus on just the one for the week. It ended being two because it felt counter-intuitive to not leverage the momentum built in the first week to reach a meaningful milestone before switching projects. Now achieved, next week is back on Appy Weather. Excited about the possibilities fulfilled by the end of an actual week’s work. Although it was fun switching between projects mid-week, and there were practical benefits too (learnings from one seamlessly applied to the second), the switching cost was severe. Visibility of progress per project was low resulting in its perception being negative. This would unnecessarily filter down to my mood. These changes over the last two weeks have so far made a massively welcome difference. Feeling much better already about the second half of 2021.

Have a great Sunday!


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